What is it?

The system of cleaning vouchers was created by the State to provide domestic helpers with a proper employment contract and full social security cover. The service voucher is a check purchased by an individual to remunerate an hour of work performed by a housekeeper at his or her home.
In concrete terms, you pay for the services of your housekeeper with cleaning vouchers. We take care of all the formalities such as hiring and remunerating your housekeeper. Your serenity is guaranteed with us.

How to get them?

You can purchase the vouchers from Sodexo Titres-services. Registration is free and if you encounter any problems, we can assist you.

Once the payment has been made, Sodexo will provide you with your checks:
– The Paper checks: you receive them by post. After you have dated and signed them, you deliver them to your housekeeper.
– The Electronic checks: are automatically added to your electronic wallet. Your housekeeper encodes the services in the system and you receive an e-mail in order to validate them. (If you do not do anything, the services encoded by the housekeeper will be validated automatically after 5 working days)

All this for 9 €/H only!
One hour of work is equivalent to a service voucher worth 9 €. After tax deduction, depending on the region of your residence, you will pay 7,65 € / hour for the Brussels region, 8,10 € / hour for the Walloon region and 7,20 € / hour for the Flemish region.

For more info about tax reductions, please access SPF Finances.

How to order your cleaning vouchers?

To order your cleaning vouchers, follow this instructions:

1. Log in to your personal account (depending on your region)

2. Click the tab “order”

3. Choose « Titres services électroniques » or « Titres services papier »

4. Choose the number of services vouchers you wish to order

5. Confirm

6. Make a bank transfer with the exact amount.

Warning : Since January 1st 2016, the competence of service vouchers is entrusted to the three Regions of Belgium. Here are the account numbers for each region :

  • Brussels : BE28 0017 7246 3620
  • Wallonia : BE15 0017 7247 4330
  • Flanders : BE41 0017 7246 2610